Social Media Speaker

Daphne Leblanc hits the stage like a quadruple shot of triple espresso. Daphne is a brilliant digital marketer with an uncanny ability to deliver her message with unmatched velocity, which makes her an obvious asset to any conference organizer looking to compose a schedule that stretches through a long day.

Chris Strub, I AM HERE, LLC


Daphné F Leblanc is the social media obsessed tech junkie behind Café and Laptop Social Media, a boutique social media agency located in Texas, the founder of Society of Solopreneurs™ and the growing meetup group Collin County Social Media. She has a passion for helping people understand social media and overcome their digital tech fears. As a natural born teacher, Daphné spends her days teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners how to strategically leverage social media and digital marketing to grow their business.
Outside of work, Daphné enjoys spending time with her three kids, husband and morkie. She is a self proclaimed #NetflixAddict, #CoffeeLover, #BookWorm and diehard #TeamAndroid #PixelGirl !!
social media speaker

Daphne is the best I have seen at providing useful information that business owners can understand. She has a talent for matching her presentations to the ability of the audience.

John Childress, Childress Business Consulting LLC

Keynote Speaker

Daphné is a sought after speaker and trainer. She is known for providing interactive and engaging presentations while leaving everyone in the room with actionable actions.

Agency Owner

Daphné owns and operates a social media marketing agency called Cafe and Laptop, LLC where she helps small to midsized businesses use social media to increase their relationships with their target audience.

Community Builder

Daphné is the proud founder of the Society of Solopreneurs, a community created for and by solopreneurs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

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On our blog, we post articles covering popular topics about social media, entrepreneurship, and women in digital marketing.

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Every two weeks, our office runs social media workshops. Everyone is welcome!

What People Are Saying

Daphne clearly has a passion for her field and is an excellent trainer. Her love of social media is infectious. I certainly would recommend her as a trainer.
One of the things that I admire the most about Daphne is her keen attention to detail and her relatable training style. She is able to train in a way that makes it easy for less experienced users to understand, yet still intrigue and captivate the attention of the more experienced users.
She was well informed, presented in an interesting fashion, and provided us with a number of tools to take with us. I felt her advice was insightful and practical.
Daphne was great! She's very personable and energetic. She was able to read the group and encouraged participation, which I know is hard to do.
Daphne is a great instructor! She made the course fun, interactive, and there was never a dull moment! I would love to go to another one of her classes!